TKA Painted On My Heart
(HollyBrook Braveheart X Up Hyre Morning Glory)
2006 Bay Filly


TKA Painted On My Heart, fondly known as "Boca" is a flashy, solidly-built, tall bay filly with a star, strip, and snip and four white socks.  We can always count on chrome with this particular cross - it's just a matter of how much...

With Boca, there is plenty!  She is so bright she can light up a room with all of her white markings!  After dark, we can always pick her out in the pasture because her four white socks show up against the dark!

"Boca" means "mouth" in Spanish.  Her snip on her nose "dribbles" onto her lower lip making her a minimally marked sabino.  She has always been a talker, and the first time we turned her out with her dam, she ran and ran and whinnied and whinnied - and she still whinnies.  For these reasons, her barn name has been coined "Boca".

This cross has been very popular.  It took us three tries before a filly finally arrived, Boca's full sister, TKA California Girl.  We wanted to keep a filly by Mel and Glory, so we have held onto "Callie".  Every one of these full siblings we have put on the market have sold as weanlings or yearlings.  They don't stay with us for very long!

Boca, like her other siblings, seems destined to be a western pleasure horse.  Trail, show ring, or both, she has what it takes to be noticed wherever you may go with her.  Boca also has the temperament to get the job done - with style.  She is a friendly filly who will leave her dam's side in the pasture to visit with us humans!

Now that we have two fillies by Mel and Glory, we are open to parting with one.  Boca is World and NY Morgan Futurity nominated.



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Frewsburg, NY 14738

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